Index of Keywords


Load-Deflection of a Low-Stress SiN-Membrane/Si-Frame Composite Diaphragm

tensile behaviour

Effects of Temperature and Shape on the Tensile Behaviour of Platinum Nanowire

tensile device

Measuring Resistive Characteristics of Silicon Nanowire by Applying Electrostatic Tensile Device and Broadband Test Signal

tensile fracture

Nanocomposites for Restorative Dentistry

tensile loading

Nanomanipulation and Characterization of Individual Carbon Nanotubes

tensile properties

Physical Properties of Ferrite Nanocomposites Based On Nylon-66

tensile strain

Brittle Ductile Transition in Carbon Nanotube Bundles

tensile strength

Material Properties of Polymer Nanoparticle Composites for Micro Optical Applications

Effect of Electron Beam Irradiation on the Tensile Properties of Carbon Nanotube Sheets and Yarns

tensile test

Investigation on correlation between cold/hot weld line mechanical properties and micro injection molding processing parameters


Synthesis of hollow silica particles with tunables ize,shell thickness,and morphology

Tera-Hertz radiation

Fullband Particle-Based Simulation of High-Field Transient Transport in III-V Semiconductors


A Nanocore/CMOS Hybrid System-on-Package (SoP) Architecture for Future Nanoelectronic Systems


Finite Size Effects In Ferroelectric Nanosystems: Absence of mode softening


Nonresonant Response Characteristics to Terahertz Radiation of FETs: Influence of Magnetic Field

Terahertz Signal Detection

An Analytic Terahertz Signal Detection Model of Silicon-based Nanowire Gated Field Effect Transistor

terahertz waves

Fabrication of Micro Photonic Crystals for Handling of Terahertz Electromagnetic Waves

TeraHerz frequency

Hierarchical Simulation Approaches for the Design of Ultra-Fast Amplifier Circuits


Color tunable nanophosphors

terminal capacitance

Field-Based 3D Capacitance Modeling for sub-45-nm On-Chip Interconnect