Index of Keywords

tunable microwave band-stop and band-pass filters

Tunable Wideband Microwave Band-Stop and Band-Pass Filters Using YIG/GGG-GaAs Layer Structures

tunable sensing range

A Pressure Sensor Array with Sensing Ragnes Tunable by Drving Frequency

tunable VCSEL

Polysilicon Prototypes for Flip-bonded Hybrid MEM-tunable Filters and VCSELs

tunable wetting

A Low-Voltage Droplet Manipulation via Tunable Wetting on a Polypyrrole (DBS) Surface

tuneable filters

Silicon MEMS for Photonic Bandgap Devices


Nano Tungsten Silicide Thin Film Deposition and its Integration with Poly-Silicon

Improved RF Characteristics of Carbon Nanotube Interconnects with Deposited Tungsten Contacts

Tungsten for CMOS-MEMS Pirani and Ionization Vacuum Gauges

tungsten carbide

Development of New High Performance Nanocrystalline Hard Metals

tungsten oxide

A modified plasma arc gas condensation technique for the synthesis of tungsten oxide-based materials with various morphologies and structures

tungsten oxide nanorod

Low Temperature Volatile-Organic-Compound (VOC) Sensor Based on Tungsten Oxide Nanorods

tungsten oxide thin film

Flame Synthesized Nanostructured WO3 Thin Films for Photoelectrochemical Water Splitting

tungsten tip

Nano Gripper using Carbon Nanotube

tungsten trioxide

Characterization of RF-sputtered ultra-thin WO3 films grown on TiO2 surface


Electrostatic Tuning of a Micro-Ring Gyroscope

A Novel Approach to Integrate Multiple Frequencies of Film Bulk Acoustic Resonators (FBAR) In A Single Chip

Application of Mass Transport in Solid Electrolyte Films in Tunable Microelectromechanical Resonators

tuning system

Electromechanical System for Lorentz Force Compensation

tunnel current

A Nano-Transistor with a Cavity

tunnel junction

Current Collapse in Tunnelling Transport through Benzene