Index of Keywords


What is a Transistor?

Innovative Gas Sensors for Sub-ppm Detection of Organophosphorus Nerve Agents by Chemically Functionalized Carbon Nanotube Field-Effect Transistors

Thin film transistors with printed semiconductive oxide channel and silver source-drain electrodes

Temperature Stability of PAG-Doped-Graphene, Towards Commercial Production of Graphene Integrated Circuits

transistor co-optimization

PSDesigner: A Framework for Transistor Co-Optimization

transistor design

A Compact Model Methodology for Device Design Uncertainty

transistor model

Equation of p-n Junction for High Current Density Models of Transistor

transistor performance

Mismatch Improvement with XMOS Structure

transistor reliability simulation

Simulation of Dynamic NBTI Degradation for a 90nm CMOS Technology

transistor theory

Spin Dependent Transport in Carbon Nanostructures


A Comparative Analysis of Transistors Based on Dielectrophoresis-Aligned Carbon Nanotubes (CNTs) and Assembled Random-Network CNTs

CNTFETs fabricated using an Original Dynamic Air-Brush technique for SWCNTs deposition : application to gas sensing

transit time

RF Applications of MOS Model 11

Carrier Transit Time Optimization of a High Speed Bipolar Transistor Using Numerical Device Simulation


A Program for Modeling of Technological Routes of VLSI Fabrication - ProMIC-T

transition states

Atomistic Simulation of Cracktip Failure Pathways in Fe and Fe Alloys

transition-state theory

Multiscale Simulation of the Thermal Desorption of Large Molecules from Solid Surfaces


The effect of nanoparticles on the translucency and antimicrobial activities of experimental resin cements

transmembrane ion channel

Investigations on Transmembrane Ion Channels Suspended over Porous Silicon Membranes

transmembrane peptide

Injection of Molecules into Cells using a pH-Triggered Molecular Nanosyringe