Index of Keywords


Microsystem Modeling - from Macromodels to Microsystem Design

Analysis of Temperature Effect on Diaphragm Resonant Sensors

Nanotubes and Nanoribbons in Displays, NEMS, and Chemical Sensors: Recent results from First-Principles Quantum Mechanics simulations

Single Wall Carbon Nanotube-Based Structural Health Monitoring Sensing Materials

A New Semiconductor-Wafer Market Based on the Deepening of Surface Undulations to Form Strongly Textured Atomic Ridges (STAR) With Pitches from 0.6 to 5.4 nm: Model Demonstrations in Electronics and the Physical and Life Sciences

Nanoelectronic CO2 Breath Sensors

A Realistic Dream – a Top-Down Feasibility Study for MEMS Planetary Exploration

U.S. Army Development of Active Smart Coatings™ System for Military Vehicles

The Design of Temperature Matrix with Direction Sensitivity

MEMS Reliability Assessment ProgramMicro-electromechanical Systems (MEMS) Reliability Assessment Program for Department of Defense Activities

Active Coatings Technologies for Customized Military Coating Systems

Titanium Dioxide Nanostructured Coatings: Application in Photocatalysis and Sensors

Overview - Nanoparticulate Dry (Flame) Synthesis & Applications

Validation for Micro- and Nano-Sensors

Batch Fabrication of Nanostructured Heterogeneous Microarrays for Chemical Sensing

MEMS Sensors for Harsh Environment Applications

Development of Materials and Sensors for the U.S. Army’s Active Coatings Technology Program

Multisensor Network for Distance Data Pick-up

A Microfluidic Device for Opto-Electrochemical Sensing

Synthesis and Characterizations of ZnO Nanorods Arrays for Solar Cell and Chemical Sensor Applications