Index of Keywords

sensitivity improvement

Highly stable and orientationally coupled gold nanoparticle antibody conjugates for sensitivity improvement in LFIA


Simulation of Silicon Piezoresistive Sensors

Implementation of Strain Induced Effects in Sensor Device Simulation

Nanosecond Range Heating and Temperature Measurement on Thin Layers Experiment and Simulation

Development of an FET Pressure Sensor Model and used to Predict Sensor Behaviour as a Function of Electrode Geometry

Analysis of Anodic Bonding and Packaging Effects in Micro Sensors

Simulation for Low Temperature Coefficient Design of Piezoresistive and Hall Sensors

Biochemical Binding in Microspheres-Based-Imunoassays

Biochemical Binding in Microspheres-Based-Imunoassays

Effects of Structural Deformation and Tube Chirality on Electronic Conductance of Carbon Nanotubes

Design of Performance-Enhanced Fabry-Perot Micro-Cavity Structure With a Novel Single Deeply Corrugated Diaphragm

System Issues in Arrays of Autonomous Intelligent Sensors

Smart, Intelligent and Cogent Microsensors - Intelligence for Sensors and Sensors for Intelligence

Nanomechanical Sensor Platform Based On Piezo-Resistive Cantilevers

Polymeric Nanowire Architectures and Nanodevices

Information Controlled Wireless Sensor Networks with Energy Aware Nodes

Higher Order Sigma-Delta Modulator Interfaces for MEMS Capacitive Sensors

Towards Nano Mechanical Sensors

Gated Chemical Transport and Enhance Flow through Carbon Nanotube Membranes

Dendrimer Nanoparticles for Extending Biosensor Lifetime