Index of Keywords


Simulating 3-Dimensional Deep X-ray Lithography Using the CXrL Toolset

Characterization of palladium nanoparticles embedded in a wool substrate

synchrotron light

NANOPOLIS: An Infrastructure for Communication in the Nanotech World

synchrotron radiation

Synchrotron radiation microtomography for the ex-vivo and in-vivo evaluation of nanoparticle-labeled stem cell homing in muscular tissue

synchrotron X-ray diffraction

Periodic Lattice Distortion in YBa2Cu3O7 50 nm film on SrTiO3

synchrotron x-rays

Structure Characterization of Nanocomposites by Synchrotron X-ray Rays

synchrotron XRD

Theory/experiments of X-Ray flux effect on periodic lattice distortions in YBCO


Synergistic effects in mixed micellization between natural and synthetic block copolymers


Flame retardant Polypropylene nanocomposites: Catalytic and synergistic effects between maleic anhydride grafted Polypropylene and cobalt nanoparticles

synergistic effect

Synergistic effect of Cobalt and Nitrogen doping on Anatase Titania for Photodegradation under Visible light

synergistic effect energy density

High Energy Density Supercapacitor Based on a Hybrid Carbon Nanotube - Reduced Graphite Oxide Architecture

synergistic effects

A new model for toxicity of uranium dust

synergistic gene therapy

Dual Modal Gene Expression and Silencing Using Viral/Nonviral Chimeric Nanoparticles for Synergistic Gene Therapy


Molecular Synergy in the Nano-networks

The Concatenation of the Concurrent Self-replication and Self-organization Processes


From Synthesis Gas to a Clean Transportation Fuel Dimethyl Ether: New Nanocomposite Bifunctional Catalyst Pairs

From Biogas To Syngas Over Ni Incorporated Ca and Mg Based Hydrotalcite-Like Catalysts


Syntenic Reconstruction of Microbial Chromosomal Mutations


Multi-Mode Sensitive Layout Synthesis of Microresonators

Mask-Layout Synthesis Through an Evolutionary Algorithm