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surface treatment

The Effects of POSS on the Interlaminar Shear Strength of Marine Composites under Various Environmental Conditions

Non-Silicone Based Nano Thickness Coating to Improve Protein Compatibility

Surface modification of powders and nanostructure deposition in the afterglow of a low power barrier discharge at atmospheric pressure

The Effect of Surface Treatment on The Line Formation of Inkjet-Printed Silver Nanoparticles

A study of the Demolding Force in Nano Imprint Lithography For Different Surface Treatments.

surface treatments

The Effects of Surface Treatments on the Growth of CNTs on 3-Dimensional Carbon Foam Structure

surface wave plasma

Rapid Metallization of Silver and Copper Nano Inks by Surface Wave Plasma Sintering

surface wettaility

Droplet actuation in PPy redox process


The Bipolar Field-Effect Transistor Theory (A. Summary of Recent Progresses)

surface-directed flow

CFD-based Optimization of Gas/Liquid Microreactors with Droplet and Bubble Transport

surface-enhanced Raman scattering

5-aminolevulinic Acid Conjugated Gold Nanoparticles for Cancer Treatment

Plasmonic nanodome array fabricated on plastic as a dual-mode surface plasmon resonance and surface-enhanced Raman scattering sensor


Amplified On-Chip Fluorescent and Colorimetric Detection of DNA and RNA Hybridization by Surface-Initiated Enzymatic Polymerization


Analytical Surface Potential Calculation in UTBSOI MOSFET with Independent Back-Gate Control

surface-potential gate-voltage x-equation

Analytical Solutions for Long-Wide-Channel Thick-Base MOS Transistors I. Effects of Remote Boundary Conditions and Body Contacts

surface-potential model

Modeling of the impurity-gradient effect in high-voltage MOSFETs

HiSIM-SOTB: A Compact Model for SOI-MOSFET with Ultra-Thin Si-Layer and BOX

surface-potential models

Density Gradient Quantum Surface Potential

surface-potential-based model

Gate Current Partitioning in MOSFET Models for Circuit Simulation


An Exact Analytic Model of Undoped Body MOSFETs using the SPP Approach