Index of Keywords

surface plasmon resonance

Fabrication of Aptamer-Functionalized Gold Nanorod Biosensor for Colorimetric Detection of Lysozyme

surface plasmon resonance (SPR)

Experimental study of sensitivity enhancement in SPR biosensors by use of zinc oxide intermediary layers

surface plasmons

Surface Enhanced Raman Scattering by 2D Photonic Crystals: Enhancement and Reproducibility

NanoActive Metal Oxides: Unique Materials with Unlimited Potential

Numerical Modeling of Nanoscale Silicon Photodetectors that Use Electromagnetic Resonance Modes to Enhance Performance

Extraordinary Transmission through Al/Si Structure Perforated with Random Distribution of Holes

surface point defects

Carboxylation of Boron- and Nitrogen-Doped Graphene and Carbon Nanotubes: First Principles Study

surface potential

Detailed Comparison of the SP2001, EKV, and BSIM3 Models

Overview of An Advanced Surface-Potential-Based MOSFET Model (SP)

HiSIM: Self-Consistent Surface-Potential MOS-Model Valid Down to Sub-100nm Technologies

Numerical Simulation of Electroosmotic Flow in Micro Channels with Analytical Integration of Surface Potential

HiSIM: Accurate Charge Modeling Important for RF Era

A Physics-Based Analytical Surface Potential and Capacitance Model of MOSFET's Operation from the Accumulation to Depletion Region

Substrate Current in Surface-Potential-Based Compact MOSFET Models

A Surface-Potential-Based Compact Model of NMOSFET Gate Tunneling Current

A Surface-Potential-Based Extrinsic Compact MOSFET Model

Recent Enhancements of MOS Model 11

Noise Modeling with HiSIM Based on Self-Consistent Surface-Potential Description

A Trial Report: HiSIM-1.2 Parameter Extraction for 90 nm Technology

Analytical Surface Potential Model with Polysilicon Gate Depletion Effect for NMOS