Index of Keywords

surface modification

Cell adhesion behaviors on polyethylene terephthalate surface modified by surface-wave plasma-initiated graft polymerization

Nano-Scale Surface Coatings

Surface modification of SiO2 micro spheres by NiFe2O4 nanoparticles

Development of a capillary-driven, microfluidic, nucleic acid biosensor

Bioactivation of Titanium Surfaces by Femtosecond laser Processing

Photo-induced Surface Modification of Polyimides for Printable Electronics Fablication

Surface modification of nanocrystalline LiCoO2 particles with rare earth oxides using polymeric resin process

surface modifications

Nanotribology and Lubrication at Nanoscale: Molecular Dynamics Simulation Studies

surface modified catalysts

Diameter controlled synthesis of carbon nanotubes by CVD using steric-stabilized iron nanoparticle catalysts

surface modified silica nanoparticles

Interaction of Surface Modified Silica Nanoparticles with Clay Minerals

surface morphology

Characterization of Different Surfaces Morphology in Heterogeneous Catalyst

Influence of grain’s morphology and their distribution on surface, electronic and magnetic properties of nanocrystalline Sn1-xCoxO2 Diluted Magnetic Semiconductors

Attachment of Quantum dots and gold nano particles on ZnO nanorods and nanotubes

surface nano-patterning

Effect of Roughness on Wettability of a Surface by Nano-droplets: Correlation With the Slip Length in Nanofluidics

surface nanofoams

Gaseous Nanobubbles - Surface Nanopatterning Elements

surface nanomodification/nanostructuring

Near-Field Nanomodification of Thin Films Using Femtosecond Laser and Atomic Force Microscope

surface nanostructure

The Nanophysics of TiO2/Au Model Catalyst as a Key to Understanding the High Efficiency of Real Au/TiO2 Catalyst and Technological Consequences

surface nanostructures

Surface Nanostructuration: from coatings to MEMS fabrication

surface orientational phase transition

Thermodynamic Behaviors of Nano-Sized Au Clusters on the (001) Surface

surface pattern

Process Simulation for Contact Print Microlithography