Index of Keywords

surface micromachining

Coupling Of Resonant Modes In Micromechanical Vibratory Rate Gyroscopes

Modelling of Torsional Micromirrors with Springs made of Multiple Rotational Serpentine Elements

Fabrication and analysis of MEMS test structures for residual stress measurement

A Novel Silicon-based Wideband Nano Switch for RF Applications

surface micromachining CAD tool

Automated and Integrated Mask Genertion from a CAD Constructed 3D Model

surface modification

Compositional Inhomogeneity of Pd70Ag30 Alloy Nanoparticles

Surface Modification of Al203 Fiber with Nanoparticles Using a Dry Mechanical Coating Technique

Silicon Surface Modification with Silane-functionalized Polymers

Durable Anti-Stiction Coatings by Molecular Vapor Deposition (MVD)

Converting of Nanoparticles in Industrial Product Formulations: Unfolding the Innovation Potential

The Interaction of Protein-Modified Nanodiamond with Bacterial Cells

Dispersing Nanoparticles – The Key to Application

Synthesis and Characterization of Novel Polyimide/TiO2 Nanocomposite System for the Application of Organic Electronics

Surface modification of Cp-Titanium by Plasma polymerization of acrylic acid

Fabrication and Characterization of Nano-Field Effect Transistor for Bio-safety

Development of a specific micro/nanodevice validating the concept of molecular biopsy

Adapting carbon nanotubes for fine composite structures

Specific device for cells sampling

Bio-Molecules Immobilization on Nanowire Electronic Devices

Nanoscale Plasma Surface Modification of Powders