Index of Keywords


Influence of metallic, ceramic, and plastic MALDI surface materials on the ionization efficiency and quality of mass spectrometric data

surface acoustic wave

Flat Fluidics: Programmable On-Chip Networks for Biological and Chemical Applications

Stem Cell Differentiation Base on Acoustic Wave Sensor

Frequency Domain Modeling of SAW Devices

A Comparison of Surface Acoustic Wave Modeling Methods

Modeling of a Surface Acoustic Wave Strain Sensor

Finite Element Modeling and Analysis of CMOS-SAW Sensors

Temperature and Strain Response of a Surface Acoustic Wave Sensor

Temperature and Strain Coefficient of Velocity for Langasite SAW Devices

Low-Cost Nano-Manufacturing of Surface Acoustic Wave Devices by Use of Jet & Flash Nano Imprint Lithography

Aerospace Applications for Surface Acoustic Wave Devices

surface acoustic wave filter

10GHz Surface Acoustic Wave Filter Fabrication by UV Nano-Imprint

surface acoustic waves

Numerical Computation of Dispersion Relations for Multi-layered Anisotropic Structures

Amplification of Surface Acoustic Waves in Graphene Film under DC Voltage

A Computational Study on Detection of Ultra Small Volumes of Liquid and Solid Media in Microcavities Using Surface Acoustic Wave Devices

Modeling of liquid pumping via microchannels

surface activity

Synthesis and Surface Activity of Amphiphilic 2-Acylamido-2-Methylpropane Sulfonic Acid - co-N-Isopropyl Acylamide Nanoparticles in Non-Aqueous Media

surface area

Controlling the Size and Morphology of Silver Nanoparticles: Role of Chemical Routes

Boehmite nanometric with high surface area synthesized from a microwaves hydrothermal method

Gaining critical mass: A dose metric conversion study using silver nanoparticles