Index of Keywords

subthreshold current

An Accurate Method to Extract and Separate Interface and Gate Oxide Traps by the MOSFET Subthreshold Current

subthreshold regime

Analytical Solutions to Model the Line Edge Roughness and its Effect on Subthreshold Behavior of DG FinFETs

subthreshold slope

Characteristic Optimization of Single- and Double-Gate Tunneling Field Effect Transistors

subthreshold swing

Compact, Physics-Based Modeling of Nanoscale Limits of Double-Gate MOSFETs

Compact, Physics-Based Modeling of Nanoscale Limits of Double-Gate MOSFETs

3-D Analytical Models for the Short-Channel Effect Parameters in Undoped FinFET Devices

subtraction method

Atomic Force Microscopic Visualization of Identical Site on Cell Surface with Different Probes


Influence of Hole size on Extraordinary Transmission through Periodic Perforated Hole Arrays

subwavelength optics

Plasmonic nanophotonics and its applications


Gold Nanorods: A Journey Towards Successful Synthesis

succinic acid production

Valorization of by-product streams from the pulp and paper industry for succinic acid production


All-solid-state polymer electrolyte with plastic crystal materials for rechargeable


Wind Mechanical Engineering: Energy for Water Pumping in Rural Areas in Sudan


SUEX for High Aspect Ratio Micro-Nanofluidic Applications


An Ethical Perspective on Nanotechnology, Health and Longevity


Nodal Analysis for MEMS Design Using SUGAR v0.5

Modified Nodal Analysis for MEMS with Multi-Energy Domains

New Numerical Techniques and Tools in SUGAR for 3D MEMS Simulation


Lumped Modeling of Carbon Nanotubes for M/NEMS Simulation

Simplifying the Designing of a MEMS-based Nanoscale Material Testing Device