Index of Keywords

SU-8 check valve

Polymeric Micropump with SU-8 Check Valves Assembled by Lamination Technique

SU-8 films

Influence of photo-initiator concentration on residual mechanical stress in SU-8 thin films


Novel Monolithic Micro Droplet Generator

Fabrication of Nanometer-Sized Structures by C-NEMS Technology

sub cooling

Experimental investigation on solidification behavior of water based CNT nanofluids for cool thermal storage system

sub-100nm ceramic structures

Fabrication of polymer-derived ceramic nanostructures by imprint lithography

sub-100nm technology

HiSIM: Self-Consistent Surface-Potential MOS-Model Valid Down to Sub-100nm Technologies

HiSIM: Accurate Charge Modeling Important for RF Era

HiSIM: Accurate Charge Modeling Important for RF Era

sub-32 nm

Random Discrete Dopant Fluctuated Sub-32 nm FinFET Devices


High Frequency Characteristics of Nanoscale Silicon Nanowire FET

sub-angstrom resolution

The Impact of Advanced S/TEM on Atomic-Scale Characterisation and Analysis

sub-Band energy

Analytical Models for Quantized Sub-Band Energy Levels and Inversion Charge Centroid of MOS Structures Derived from Asymptotic and WKB Approximations

sub-band energy level

A Compact Model to Predict Quantized Sub-Band Energy Levels and Inversion Layer Centroid of MOSFET with Parabolic Potential Well Approximation

sub-grid models

A Computational Framework for Modeling One-Dimensional, Sub-Grid Components and Phenomena in Multi-Dimensional Micro-Systems

sub-micron MOSFETs

Optimization of FIBMOSs through 2-D Device Simulations


Modeling and Simulation of New Structures for Sub-millimeter Solid-state Accelerometers with Piezoresistive Sensing Elements

sub-nanometer image resolution

Advances in Helium Ion Microscopy for High Resolution Imaging and Material Modification


Micropower Wireless Sensors

sub-threshold swing

ALTRAS-CNFET: Full-Band Based Quantum Transport Simulator for Carbon Nanotube Field Effect Transistor Engineering: From Chirality to Device Performance