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The Structures of Fibril Aggregates of Beta-amyloid Peptide 1-40 upon Addition of Dihexanoylphosphatidylcholine

Atomic-scale Structure of Nanocrystals by the Atomic Pair Distribution Function Technique

Structure Determination of Small Metal Clusters by Density-Functional Theory and Comparison with Experimental Far-Infrared Spectra

Dynamics of Water in Nafion Fuel Cell Membranes: the Effects of


Thermal and Optical investigation of Y2O3 nanocrystalline phosphors


Quantitative Analysis of HBV Capsid Protein Geometry Based Upon Computational Nanotechnology

Automated Crystal Orientation and Phase Mapping of Iron Oxide Nano-Crystals in a Transmission Electron Microscope

Electrochemical Mechanics of Nanometer-Scaled Structural Layers of Bacterial Spores

Effects of calcination conditions and Fe/Al molar ratio on structure and properties of mixed Fe/Al-PILCs

A New Type of Carbon Nanostructure Formed Within a Metal-Matrix

Structural and Thermo-Mechanical Characterization of Calcium and Barium Alginate Films

Investigation of the In2O3 oxide grown by electron beam on the In metal and on the InP

structure analysis

Numerical Simulations to Predict the Functionality of Optical Devices

structure and porosity

Synthesis and characterization of Silver doped TiO2 nano films for

structure based

Structure Based Design of Protein Ligands: A Study of Antibody-like Scaffolds Targeted Against the Anthrax Toxin

structure factor

Estimate effective interaction potentials from the static structure factor in pure fluids and nanocolloids

structure fingerprinting

Structural fingerprinting of nano-crystals based on high resolution transmission electron microscopy imaging: challenges and perspectives

structure optimization

Structure Optimization of 140 GHz Pulsed-Mode IMPATT Diode

A Two-Dimensional Numerical Simulation of Organic Light-Emitting Devices

structure-based drug design

Biotechnology and Drug Discovery: Two Years Into the Third Millennium