Index of Keywords

stirred media mill

Fabrication of Nanoparticulate Inks for Applications in Printable Electronics

stirred tank bioreactor

Analysis of Stem Cell Culture Performance in a Microcarrier Bioreactor System


Patterning of Periodic Structures Using Continuously Moving Stage


Atomic-control Placement of Individual P atoms in Si for the Fabrication of a Quantum Computer Qubit Array

Noise Spectroscopy of a Single Spin with Spin Polarized STM

Displacement Detection using Quantum Mechanical Electron Tunneling in Micro and Nano-electro-mechanical Systems

Adsorption of PTDCA on Si(100) and Si(100)-H

Nano-Lithography in Ultra-High Vacuum (UHV) for Real World Applications

SPM Investigation of the Electron Properties YSZ Nanostructured Films

Preparation of Sb Doped SnO2 SPM Tips and their Use as Transparent Probes in STM Induced Light Hybrid Microscopy

Self-assembled Film of Cholesterol Molecules on the Au (111): An STM Study

Scanning Tunneling Microscopy Images of Au Adsorbed on GaAs(111)B surface


Education in Nanotechnology through Microscopy Made Easy


Using Electron Tunneling for Direct Sequencing of DNA

Monolayer to Multilayers Nanostructural Evolution in N type Oligothiphenes: Implications for OFET Performance

In-Situ Nanomechanical-Electrical Testing of One-Dimensional Materials

Fuel cell catalysts based on core-shell nanoparticles

Effect of surface reconstruction on the growth of self-assembled Ag nanostructures on Si(111) surfaces


STM/STS Studies of SWNTs in Bundles, C60 Thin Films and DNA Molecules


A Stochastic Projection Method for Microchannel Flow