Index of Keywords

SPICE modelling

Correlated statistical SPICE models for High-Voltage LDMOS Transistors based on TCAD statistics

SPICE models

An Improved BDJ Photodetector Physical Model Implemented Under SPICE

Modeling of Spatial Correlations in Process, Device, and Circuit Variations

Elements of Statistical SPICE Models

Modeling of Mismatch and Across-Chip Variations in Compact Device Models

SPICE sub-circuit

Analog Compact Modeling for a 20-120V HV CMOS Technology

spiinin disc

Synthesis of Magnetic Nanoparticles Using Spinning Disc Processing


Tunneling Spectrum of Single-Spin Oscillations

Spin Density Functional Theory Simulations of Quantum Point Contacts: An Investigation of Spin Filtering Effects

Controlling Oxidation Reaction on Platinum by Spin Manipulation

spin biochemistry

Gold Nanorods: Synthesis and Modulation of Optical Properties

spin coating

Uniform Nanoparticle based Monolayers Deposited by a Modified Spin Coating Technique

Optical band gap energy of Er-doped TiO2 thin films

spin devices

The Quantum-Point-Contact Spin Filter

spin filter

The Quantum-Point-Contact Spin Filter

spin pairings

Electron instabilities in nanoclusters, nanostructures and inhomogeneous nanomaterials: bottom up approach

spin polarization

Spin Polarization in GaAs/Al0.24Ga0.76As Heterostructures

Computer Simulations of CrO2 as a Spin Polarized Material for Spintronics

The manifestation of the one-dimensional non-collinear spin-dependent scattering on magnetized nano-element structures

spin transfer torque

Development of Methanol Based Reactive Ion Etching Processes for Nanoscale Magnetic Devices