Index of Keywords

sorption isotherm

Thermodynamic Characterization of Nanoscale Materials


Printed High-performance Carbon Nanotube Thin Film Transistors Based on Poly[(9,9-dioctylfluorenyl-2,7-diyl)-co-(1,4-benzo-2,1-3-thiadiazole)] (PFO-BT) Sorted Large-diameter Semiconducting Carbon Nanotubes (sc-SWCNTs)


A Continuous Particle/Cell Sorter Using Dielectrophoresis

sorting platform

Investigation of optimal separation condition in negative dielectrophoresis force based particle sorting platform


SOS Gate Capacitance Modeling

SOS-lux biosensors

Carcinogenicity Assessment Using Biosensors: Mitomycin-C As A Case Study


Acoustic – Electromagnetic Transformation in Magnetic Nanofluids

sound transducer

Optimised Piezoelectric PZT Thin Film Production on 8” Silicon Wafers for Micromechanical Applications

sound-sensitive diaphragm

The Design, Fabrication and Characterization of A Novel Miniature Silicon Microphone Diaphragm

source and drain series resistance

Measuring and Characterizing Sub-Micron Short Channel LDD MOSFETs

source separation

High Performance Magnetic Field Smart Sensor Arrays with Source Separation

source-drain contact

Reproducibility of Silicon Single Electron Quantum Dot Transistor

source-drain short FET

A Defect Model for Metallic Carbon Nanotubes in Cell-based Logic Circuits

source-to-drain tunneling

2D Analysis of Source-to-Drain Tunneling in Decananometer MOSFETs with the Density-Gradient Model

source-to-drain tunnelling

Direct Source to Drain Tunnelling and its Impact on the Intrinsic Parameter Fluctuations in Nanometer Scale Double Gate MOSFETs

source/drain extension region design

Compact Model for Short Channel Effects in Source/Drain Engineered Nanoscale Double Gate (DG) SOI MOSFETs

South Africa

A Generalized Model for Global Solar Radiation in South Africa Using Multiple Weather Elements as Predictors


Structure-property relationships in Pd/Polycarbonate based chemical sensors

soy bean meal

Soybean meal nano scales resistant starch- model carbohydrates for encapsulation of bioactive compounds


Incorporation of Nanoparticles into Soy-based Polyurethane Foam