Index of Keywords

solution processable

Enhanced performance of all organic field-effect transistors and capacitors through choice of solvent

solution SAXS

A Synchrotron X-ray Scattering Study on the Structure of Pepsin in Solution


Realistic Modeling of Complex Surface Processes

solvation effects

3D-RISM-KH approach for biomolecular modeling at nanoscale: Thermodynamics of fibril formation and beyond


Micro Patterning of Organic Solvents on OLED Device Using EHD Inkjet Technology

Ordered Structure Pattern on Polymeric Surface

solvent effect

Electronic Properties and Transitions States involved in the Pyrrole Oligomerization

solvent exchange

Large Area Replication of AAO Nanostructure Using a Solvent Exchange Method and UV-curable Polymers


Green Chemistry of Carbon Nanomaterials

solvent-thermal method

Research on Preparation of Nano-Barium Titanate and Dielectric Property of Barium Titanate Ceramic Capacitor


Formation and Coatings of Fine Particles in Jets of Supercritical Fluids


Three-Dimensional Simulation of AlxGa1-xAs/GaAs Gradual Heterojunction Bipolar Transistor


From nanopores to nanoshells: The transformation of MCM-41 into ultrathin wall, hollow silica nanospheres


Peptidic Nanoparticles for Cancer Therapy and Diagnosis


Pre-Distortion Assessment of Workfunction Engineered Multilayer Dielectric Design of DMG ISE SON MOSFET


Morphological Consequence of Sonication on Lignin-CNT-Epoxy Composite

Diode Laser Generated Ultrasound for Human Blood Cell Lysis

Solubilization of Capsaicin and Its Nanoemulsion Formation in the Sonication and Self-Assembly Processes

Effect of Sonication on Mechanical Properties of Polymers and Nanocomposites

High Strain Rate Compression Behavior of Conventional and CNF-Filled-Nanophased Glass/Polyester Composites