Index of Keywords


Simulation Studies of Channels in Biological Membranes

Numerical Simulation of Microfluidic Flow Using a Combination of Micro and Macro Computational Techniques: Scaling Issues

Monte Carlo Simulations of Nanotube Suspensions and Composites

Lattice Boltzmann Simulations Comparing Conventional and a Heat Conduction Based Flow-Through PCR Micro-Devices

Coating Growth on Nanofibers: Multi-Scale Modeling, Simulations and Experiments

A Nano-Transistor with a Cavity

Designing Opto-Electronic Nanomaterials Using First Principles Simulations

Modeling and Simulation of Surface Acoustic Wave Chemical Sensors


Uncertainty Quantification in a Reacting Electrochemical Microchannel Flow Model


A Systems Design Framework Based in Matlab That Integrates Sugar, Spice, Simulink, Fea Comsol, and GDS-II Layout

simultaneous expression and silencing

Dual Modal Gene Expression and Silencing Using Viral/Nonviral Chimeric Nanoparticles for Synergistic Gene Therapy

simvastatin acid

The effect of Simvastatin Acid Loaded Photocurable Hyaluronic Acid Hydrogel for Bone Regeneration In vitro and In vivo

single atom

Atomic-control Placement of Individual P atoms in Si for the Fabrication of a Quantum Computer Qubit Array

single atoms

The Impact of Advanced S/TEM on Atomic-Scale Characterisation and Analysis

single carrier levels

The INGAAS/GAAS Quantum Dots Under Effective and Ab Initio Treatments: Comparison and Results

Neighbouring Levels Statistic and Shape of Quantum Dots: Si/Sio2

single cell

A method for the highly parallel analysis of gene expression of single cells

Hydrodynamically Confined Microfluidics for Single Cell Measurements

single cell analysis

Evaluation of Electric Impedance Spectra for Single Bio-Cells with Microfluidic Devices using Combined FEMLAB/HSPICE Simulated Models

single cell assay

All-In-Polymer Injection Molded Device for Single Cell Capture Using Multilevel Silicon Master Fabrication