Index of Keywords

scanning electron microscopy

Raman study and DFT calculations of amino acids

Cobalt doped ZnO prepared by electrochemistry: chemistry, morphology, and magnetism

Fabrication of Nano-structures of NiTi Shape Memory Films and Investigations on Size dependence of their Mechanical Properties

Nanostructured TiO2 and TiO2-Ag antimicrobial thin films

Study of sodium-chromium-iron-phosphate glass by XRD, IR, Chemical Durability and SEM

scanning electron microscopy (SEM)

Microscopic Characterization of Nanocomposite based on the Mixture of Carbon Nanotube and Rosette Nanotube

scanning ion conductance microscropy

Single-cell manipulation using Nanopipettes

scanning laser direct writing

Direct Scanning Laser Writing of 3D Multilayer Microstructures

scanning mobility particle sizer

Real-Time In-Situ Measurement of Nanoparticle Size Distributions Using Electrical Mobility Technique

scanning probe

Probing the Morphology and Tribo-Response of Nanostructured Fluid Films for Personal Care Applications

Nonlinear Response in Nanoshear Modulation Force Microscopy: Fourier Analysis

scanning probe lithography

Scanning Probe Lithography on InAs Substrate

Dip Pen NanolithographyTM: Nanofabrication and Nanoscale Assembly – Top Down Nanostructures and Bottom Up Nanobio

Dip Pen Nanolithography®: A Maturing Technology for High-Throughput Flexible Nanopatterning

Commercially Available High-Throughput Dip Pen Nanolithography®

scanning probe microscope

Virtual Probe Microscope

Fabrication and Characterization of MOS Transistor Tip Integrated Micro Cantilever

Development of a metrological scanning probe microscope as a primary standard for nanoscale dimensional measurement

scanning probe microscopy

Loss of Elasticity of Ageing Epithelial Cells, and Its Possible Reversal

Self-Assembly of TPPS4 Porphyrin Molecules into Nanorods Investigated by TEM, AFM, STM and UV/VIS Spectroscopy