Index of Keywords

silicon photonics

Demonstration of Pulsed Silicon Raman Laser

Enhanced UV Light Emission in Silicon nanoparticles

silicon probe

A Silicon Ultrasonic Imager Probe for Minimally Invasive Diagnosis

silicon quantum dots

Discrete Impurity Effects in Silicon Quantom Dots

Structural and Electronic Properties of Quantum Dot Surfaces

Structural and Electronic Properties of Quantum Dot Surfaces

silicon reliability

Pumping Capacity and Reliability Study on Silicon-Based Cryogenic Micro Pump

silicon resonator

Coupling of Length Scales and Atomistic Simulation of a MEMS Device

silicon resonators

The Atomic Limit of Finite Elements in the Simulation of Micro-Resonators

silicon sensors

Design and Modeling of a 3D Micromachined Accelerometer

silicon solar panels

The Effects of Gamma Radiation on Silicon Solar Panels

silicon strain sensor

Simulation of the Piezo-Tunnel Effect

Silicon thin film

A Study of the Threshold Voltage Variations for Ultra-thin Body Double Gate SOI MOSFETs

silicon thin-film solar cell

Simulation-Based Evolutionary Approach to Electrical Characteristic Optimization of Silicon Solar Cells

silicon validation of interconnect models

Challenges of Modeling VLSI Interconnects in the DSM Era

silicon wafer

A Study on the Fabrication of Micro Structure using Chemical Mechanical Micro Machining Process

Octadecylphosphonic acid Langmuir-Blodgett films and their modification by hyperthermal hydrogen projectile

silicon wafers

c-SI Wafer Development: A New Approach to Reduce Costs and Drive Efficiency

silicon wire

The Design of a Silicon Wire DRAM Cell for Very Dense DRAM Architectures


Simulating IMD in SiGe HBTs: How good are our models?