Index of Keywords


Compare and Contrast HiSIM-LDMOS and BSIM based compact model of High Voltage MOSFETs for Analog Applications


Scalable Single Walled Carbon Nanotube Separation: from Process to Product

scalable fuzzy models

Building and Testing Scalable Fuzzy Models of Genetic Regulation in Bacteria

scalable Mextram model

A Unified Parameter Extraction Procedure for Scalable Bipolar Transistor Model Mextram

scalar variable

Numerical Simulation of Superconformal Electrodeposition Using the Level Set Method

Numerical Simulation of Superconformal Electrodeposition Using the Level Set Method

scale analysis

Electron Vortices in Semiconductor Devices

scale up

Scale up production of nanoparticles using hydrothermal synthesis


Purification of Nanoparticles by Hollow Fiber Diafiltration

Pilot-scale Nanoparticle Manufacture

Making Nanoparticles Mega: Scaling-up the Synthesis of Gold Nanoparticle-Wool Fibre Composites

Scalable Manufacturing of Nanopowders by Solution Combustion Processing

Scale-up of Novel Gold Nanoparticle-Wool Fiber Composites: A Commercialisation Success Story

scaled CMOS.

A Unified Process-Based Compact Model for Scaled PD/SOI and Bulk-Si MOSFETs

Scaled Si-MOSFETs

The Influence of Space Quantization Effect on the Threshold Voltage, Inversion Layer and Total Gate Capacitance in Scaled Si-MOSFETs

scaled Si-MOSFETs

An Overview of the 3D Simulation Efforts at Arizona State University Directed Towards Understanding Transport in the Quantum Dots and the Ultra-Small Devices of the Future


Potential for Scaled-up Manufacture of Chitosan Nanoparticles Using the Spinning Disc Processor


The Effect of Thermal Boundary Conditions and Scaling on Electro-Thermal-Compliant Micro Devices

New Numerical Techniques and Tools in SUGAR for 3D MEMS Simulation

Scaling Behavior of Pressure-Driven Micro-Hydraulic Systems