Index of Keywords

sigma-delta modulator

TCAD Modeling using a Neural Network Based Approach

Noise Considerations for Closed Loop Digital Accelerometers

Higher Order Sigma-Delta Modulator Interfaces for MEMS Capacitive Sensors

sigma-delta modulators

Simulation of Micromachined Inertial Sensors with Higher-Order Single Loop Sigma-Delta Modulators


System Level Simulation of a Digital Accelerometer


Gas Sensing Properties of Zn-Doped Anisometric Fe2O3 Nanoparticles

signal amplification

Amplified On-Chip Fluorescent and Colorimetric Detection of DNA and RNA Hybridization by Surface-Initiated Enzymatic Polymerization

signal analysis

A Signal Processing Approach for the Analysis of Mechanism of Surface Generation in EDM

signal cascades

Molecular Synergy in the Nano-networks

The Concatenation of the Concurrent Self-replication and Self-organization Processes

signal chain

Multilayer Architectures of Enzymes on Electrodes for Sensorial Application – Influence of the Building Blocks on the Assembly Behaviour

signal integrity and transmission line theory

Compact Modeling of Signal Transients and Integrity Analysis for Dispersionless Interconnect

signal isolation

3-D Simulation and Modeling of Signal Isolation in RF/IF Circuits

signal post-processing

Non-labeled DNA Biosensor Post-Processing Signals Analyses

signal processing

Audio Signal Processing Using Mixed Hardware-Software Approach

Fetal Movement Detection Based on MEMS Accelerometer

Current-mode Processing Possibilities in HV SoI Integrated Systems


Nanostructured Acetylcholinesterase (ACHE) Memristor/Memcapacitor Mimicks Brachyhypopomus Electric Fish’s Signal-Cloaking Behavior


Cytotoxic Effects of Short Multi-wall Carbon Nanotubes


Sol-gel Silane Films for DNA Microarray Experiments