Index of Keywords


Unipolar resistive switching and current flow mechanism in thin film SnO2


Systemic Delivery of Targeted, siRNA-Containing Nanoparticles for the Treatment of Solid Tumors: Concept to Clinic


Modeling of Threshold Voltage with Reverse Short Channel Effect


Electromechanical Modeling of MEMS Resonators with MOSFET Detection


Rational RSM Models for Device Characteristics as Functions of Process Parameters

Predictive and Calibrated Simulation of Doping Profiles: Low Energy As, B and BF2 Ion Implantation

Characteristics of Grooving by Diamond Needle-Tip with Various Tip Shapes and Grooving Parameters


Use of Nanoparticles as Therapy for Respiratory Syncytial Virus Inhibition

Respiratory Syncytial Virus Inhibition by Gold and Titanium Nanoparticles

CNT and Silver-CNT Nanoparticles provide immune responses against RSV

Development of PHEMA-Chitosan nanospheres and encapsulation of RSV-F DNA vaccine


The Modeling and Characterization of Nano-Scale MOSFET Resistance


Effects of Disorder in Reduced Dimensional and Quantum Electronics

Approximate Pattern Matching in Nanotechnology

High speed Resonant Tunneling Diode based on GaN & GaAs: A modelling & simulation approach


Impact of Channel Length and Gate Width of a N-MOSFET Device on the Threshold Voltage and its Fluctuations in Presence of Random Channel Dopants and Random Interface Trap: A 3D Ensemble Monte Carlo Stud


1/f Noise and RTS(Random Telegraph Signals) and Read Errors in Nanoscale Memories

Single Election Trapping in Nanoscale Transistors; RTS(Random Telegraph Signals) and l/f Noise

Compact Model of Low – Frequency Noise in Nanoscale Metal-Oxide-Semiconductor Field Effect Transistors

RTS noise

1/f Noise and RTS(Random Telegraph Signal) Errors in Comparators and Sense Amplifiers