Index of Keywords

regulatory restrictions

Nanomaterials down the drain: perception and reality

regulatory strategy

Benefits and Challenges of the Application of Nanotechnology to Food

regulatory T cell

Nanosystem for targeting Treg in vivo


Characterization of new type polymer composites prepared by in situ coffining electrospun fibers into polymer matrixes


Illustrative Modeling Studies on Elastomers and Rubberlike Elasticity

Nanoparticles in chemistry and their industrial applications


Reinforcement of Abrasion Resistance & Heat Buildup for Tire Tread filled with Multi-Wall Carbon Nanotubes (MWCNTs)


Probing Critical Particle to Polymer Size Ratios for Non-Einstein Behavior in Polymer Nanocomposites

reinforcement of epoxy adhesives

Nano-Reinforcement of Epoxy Adhesives with POSS

rejection performance

Sulfated chitosan (SCS)/polysulfone (PS) composite nanofiltration membrane surface cross-linked by Epichlorohydrin

rel-time monitoring

Monitoring Strategy for Characterization of Airborne Nanoparticles

relative humidity

Acid-basic site detection and mapping on solid surfaces at the nanoscale, by Kelvin force microscopy (KFM)


Graphite Layer Nano-composites with Polyurethane Matrix

Analysis of GaN Grown on Vertically Standing Fractal-Like Si Nanostructures

relaxation spectrum

Structural and rheological investigation of Fd3m inverse micellar cubic phases

relaxed sige

Effect of Strain on the Oxidation Rate of Silicon Germanium Alloys


Novel Nanoelectromechanical Relay Design Procedure for Logic and Memory Applications


Analysis of Factors Associated with the Releasability of Carbon Nanotubes (CNTs) from Materials Containing Nanocomposites


Safe nanotextiles from a life cycle perspective

Network Aggregation of CNT at the Surface of Epoxy/MWCNT Composite Exposed to UV Radiation