Index of Keywords

recessed channel

TCAD Thermal Analysis of Gate Workfunction Engineered Recessed Channel MOSFET

recessed gate

Simulation of Recess-Structure Dependence of Gate-Lag Phenomena in GaAs MESFETs

recessed-gate structure

Two-Dimensional Simulation of Surface-State Effects on Breakdown Characteristics of Narrowly-Recessed-Gate GaAs MESFETs

ReCiprocating Water Technologies

Innovations in Energy Efficient Decentralized Wastewater Treatment Systems:

reclaim fabrication

A Precise Reclaim Fabrication by Nanoscale Removal Processes using a Design of Ellipsoidal Anode


A Novel Technique for Removing Finely Dispersed Particles from Tailings


Molecular Recognition on Demand

Simultaneous Topography and RECognition Mapping with PicoTREC™: A Powerful New Technology That Can Be Used To Map Nanometer-Scale Molecular Binding Sites On A Variety Of Surfaces


Systematic Quantitative Characterization of Surface Nanostructures

recognition imaging

Single Molecule Interaction Forces and Recognition Imaging

recognitition force microscopy

Modeling AFM Induced Mechanical Deformation of Living Cells

recombinant spider silk

Determining the environmental benefit of artificial spider silk products

recombination rate

A Two-Dimensional Numerical Simulation of Organic Light-Emitting Devices

reconfigurable antenna

Reconfigurable RF Front End Section of Mobile

Meander based RF MEMS capacitive switch for Mobile Front End Terminal Antenna support

reconfigurable architecture

Reconfigurable Microfluidic System Architecture Based on Two-Dimensional Electrowetting Arrays

reconfigurable network

A MEMS-Based Wide-Band Multi-State Power Attenuator for Radio Frequency and Microwave Applications

reconfigurable radio

A Novel Approach to Integrate Multiple Frequencies of Film Bulk Acoustic Resonators (FBAR) In A Single Chip


Reconstruction of Load-Bearing Defects in Oncology by Using Nanomodification of Implants


Composite microelectrodes from PEDOT and carbon nanotubes enable advanced neuronal recording, stimulation and sensing