Index of Keywords

R nad D

Study of Dynamics of R and D of CNT in Japan Based upon Viewpoints of Nanotechnology Boom and Risk Perception


Nanotechnology in Italy: National Programs, Players and Activities

R&D strategy

The Vision and Action Plan of the National Nanotechnology Initiative

The Vision and Action Plan of the National Nanotechnology Initiative

R-G current

FinFET reliability issue analysis by forward gated-diode method

R-T theory

Compact Negative Bias Temperature Instability Model for Nanoscale FinFET Reliability Simulation

R.F magnetron sputtering

Influence of Al-Doping on the Optical Properties of ZnO films


Scanning Probe Charge Reading of Ferroelectric Polarization with Nanoscale Resolution


12 Billion Dollars Annually Expended on Throw away Filters- There is a new technology alternative to this wasteful practice

Racah-Wigner calculus

Managing the Distribution of Recursively Calculating Matrix Elements

radial correlation function

Estimate effective interaction potentials from the static structure factor in pure fluids and nanocolloids

radial distribution function

Simulation of Porous Si and SiOx Layer Growth

radial gradiometer

An EM Transistor Based Brain-Processor Interface


Spice-like Simulation Using Real Devices Instead of their Mathematical Models

Effects of Disorder in Reduced Dimensional and Quantum Electronics

radiation damage

Atomistic Modelling of Radiation Damage in Zircon

radiation environment

The IAradSim – IA32 Architecture under a High Radiation Environment Simulator

Research of Fault-Tolerant Computing Using COTS Elements

radiation silicon detectors

Novel silicon microdosimeter based on 3D cylindrical structures

radiation therapy

Gold-based Nanostructures for Improved Cancer Therapeutics