Index of Keywords


A Compact Model to Predict Quantized Sub-Band Energy Levels and Inversion Layer Centroid of MOSFET with Parabolic Potential Well Approximation


Nano-scaled water ejection using Nanopipette with QTF-AFM for Nanolithography


Design and Simulation of A Novel Highly Symmetrical Piezoelectric Triaxial Accelerometer


A Curved Panel Integration Technique for Molecular Surfaces


Assembly of Nanoscale Scaffolds from Peptide Nucleic Acids (PNA)


Assessment of the Impacts of Packaging, Long-Term Storage, and Transportation on the Military MEMS

quality control

Imaging Ellipsometry: A Powerful Method for Biochip Development, QC and Evaluation

A Novel Ultrasonic Method for Characterizing Suspensions of Nanoparticles

Preparation and Characterization of Various Nanofluids

Ultrasonic Pulsed Doppler (USPD): A Novel Ultrasonic Method for Characterizing Suspensions of Nanoparticles

quality enhancement

Neural Network-Based MEMS Failure Probability Prediction

quality factor

Development of a MEMS Vertical Planar Coil Inductor

Low Damping Differential-Capacitive Sensing Comb

Mechanical Damping due to Interface Motion in Micro-Resonators

Characterization and Modeling of Silicon Tapered Inductors

Simulations of the Anchor Losses in MEM Disk Resonators

Silicon Crystal Effects in Modeling of MEMS Silicon Resonators

quality factor (Q)

Nano-gap high quality factor thin film SOI MEM resonators

quality factor and skin effect

A Simple and Scalable Model for Spiral Inductors on Silicon

quality factors

Microplate Modeling under Coupled Structural-Fluidic-Electrostatic Forces