Index of Keywords


The role of the synthetic procedure on the photoactivity of nanocrystalline TiO2

Synthesis of visible light active nanocrystalline bismuth oxide based photocatalysts

TiO2-Ag Porous Nanocomposites for Advanced Photocatalytic Processes

Effect of surfactant on TiO2/UV mediated heterogeneous photocatalytic degradation of DDT in contaminated water

Photoactivity of nitrogen-doped anodic TiO2 under UV and VIS light irradiation

Ordered mesoporous films of TiO2 as highly efficient photocatalysts for clean environment

Preparation of nitrogen-doped mesoporous TiO2 with a room-temperature ionic liquid

Rhodamine B degradation efficiency of differently annealed titanium dioxide nanotubes

Semiconductor nanoparticles in Photocatalysis: The Emerging Art and Perspectives

A comparative study over the photocatalytic activity of nanostructured TiO2 layers for air purifiers

Photo Catalytic Activity of Coated PET Fabrics with Synthesised Nano TiO2 & ZnO: A Comparative Study

Synthesis of TiO2 Nanotube Arrays for Hydrogen Production from Photo-Assisted Water Splitting Reaction

Photocatalytic Activity of Coated PET Fabrics with Synthesised Nano TiO2

Increasing the Efficiency of Photocatalytic Water Treatment with Titanium Dioxide Nanoparticles by Control of Crystal Shape

Photocatalytic activity of mesoporous titanium dioxide nanoparticles under visible light irradiation

Advances (and limits) in photocatalytic building materials

Integrated Photocatalytic and Microbial Degradation of Kraft Lignin

TiO2-based photocatalytic and antimicrobial coatings: comparison between sol-gel and electrodeposited silver/TiO2 nano-composites

Copper Oxide–Cobalt Oxide Nanoscale Heterostructures for Photocatalysis

Photocatalytic Performance of Cu/TiO2-xNx Nanotube Arrays Enhanced by Surface Plasmon Resonance and Application in Hydrogen Evolution by Water Splitting