Index of Keywords


Laser pyrolysis - a platform technology to produce functional nanoscale materials for a range of applications

Control of solid surface properties by electron beam processing

Enhanced Photoluminescence Properties of Li/Al-doped YPO4:Eu phosphors

Green and Continuous Hydrothermal Synthesis of Nanophosphors for Biomedical Applications

phosphorus diffusion

Process Modeling Based on Atomistic Understanding for State of the Art CMOS Device Design


Influence of photo-initiator concentration on residual mechanical stress in SU-8 thin films


Computer Aided Mask-Layout for Bulk Etch Fabrication


Highly Photo-Stable Type-I PbSe/SnSe and PbSe/SnS Colloidal Core/Shell Quantum Dots

photoacoustic spectroscopy

Photoacoustic Study of CdS quantum Dots for Photovoltaic Applications

photoacoustic tomagraphy

Development of Nanoparticle-Based Gold Contrast Agent for Photoacoustic Tomography

photoacoustic tomography

Magneto-plasmonic Nanoplatforms for Enhanced Bioimaging and Photothermal Cancer Therapy


Plasmon enhanced silver quantum cluster fluorescence for biochemical applications

photoactive thin films

Direct Pulsed Laser Crystallization of Photoactive thin films at Room Temperature


Controlling the Photoactivity of Nanoparticles

Lattice Engineered Nanoparticles.

Effect of thermal treatments on the structure of photoactive titanium oxides

Flame Synthesis and Coating of Nanostructured Particles in One Step


Commercial pilot for closed-loop wastewater treatment and biofuel production using microalgae


Mimicking Photosynthesis to Make Functional Nanostructures and Nanodevices

Titanium Dioxide Nanostructured Coatings: Application in Photocatalysis and Sensors