Index of Keywords

phase transfer

New microfluidic chip for the production of spherical gelled capsule for cell encapsulation

Encapsulation of nanoparticles with multifunctional, cross-linkable diblock copolymers for biomedicine

Synthesis of Ultra Small Biocompatible Magnetic Nanocomposites by Seeded Emulsion Polymerization

phase transformation

Temperature and Stress Controlled Surface Manipulation in NiAl Nano-Layers

phase transition

Dynamics in a Thermal Ink Jet: A Model for Identification and Simulation

Kinetic and Numerical Approaches to Nucleation and Growth During a First Order Phase Transition

Phase transition induced hydrodynamic instability

A Micromanipulation Method based on the Capillary Force by Phase Transition

Structural and rheological investigation of Fd3m inverse micellar cubic phases

How to SPION Glass Transitions

Odd-Even Effect in Self Assembly and Phase Transition of Alkanethiols Monolayers (SAMs) on Au (111) Surfaces

Precipitation of In(OH)3 and InOOH Nanocrystals for the use in nanoelectronics: Phase Transition Behavior and Oriented Aggregation

XRD and SEM studies on annealed nanocrystalline titanium dioxide powder

phase transition at vacuum

Pressure dependence of phase transition of organic material, 9,10-di(2-naphthyl)anthracene (ADN), under vacuum

phase transitions

Computer Molecular Dynamics and Phase Transition in Alkali Azides and Thiocyanates

Morphology and Phase Transitions in Styrene-Butadiene-Styrene Triblock Copolymer Grafted with Polyhedral Oligomeric Silsesquioxanes

Electron pairing instabilities and magnetic properties in nanoclusters and nanomaterials


A lattice Boltzmann study of the non-Newtonian blood flow in stented aneurysm

phase-change materials

One-dimensional Phase-Change Nanowires for Information Storage Application

phase-change random access memory

One-dimensional Phase-Change Nanowires for Information Storage Application