Index of Keywords


Synthesis and Characterization of Perovskite Ca0.5Sr0.5MnO3 Nanoparticles in w/o-Microemulsions


Nanostructured perovskite-based oxidation catalysts for improved environmental emission control


Self-assemblies of magnetic nanoparticles (MNPs) and peroxidase enzymes: mesoporous structures and nanoscale magnetic field effects (nano-MFEs) for enhanced activity BioNanoCatalysts (BNCs).


Amino acids-conjugated gold, silver and their alloy nanoparticles: Role of surface chemistry and metal composition on peroxidase like activity


Performance Comparisons of Nanoparticle Modified Sensor Electrodes for the Detection of Nitrite and Peroxide

Topical Sensory Nanoparticles for in vivo Biomarker Detection

A New Biocomposite Electrode Sensor for the Detection of Oxidative Reactions


Water Soluble Peroxyoamid Reagent: Evalulation for Fluorescent Silica Nano-Particles Chemilumineacence

perpendicular magnetic recording media

Grain Size Distribution in CoCrPtO-Based Perpendicular Magnetic Recording Media

perpendicular orientation

Nanoscopic Tunning via Hydrophilic and Hydrophobic Macro-RAFT


Quantum Computation with Persistent-current Aharonov-Bohm Qubits and Qugates

persistent current

Hopping and Correlation Effects in Atomic Clusters and Networks

persistent luminescence

Well trap structures and bulk-nano environment luminescence centers in CaZnGe2O6:Tb3+ long afterglow phosphor

persistent organic pollutant

Microfluidic Neural Cell Chip for Monitoring of PCBs

personal sampler

A personal sampler for direct mass determination of nano-particles using a resonant cantilever sensor

personalized nanomedicine

Minimal-dose cancer chemotherapy: Anti-cancer drugs loaded nanodevices towards time, site, and organ-specific releases for development of personalized nanomedicine

personalized therapy

Nano-Power Implantable Autonomous Closed-Loop CMOS Nerve-Growth-Factor Delivery Microsystem for Neurological Disorders Personalized Therapy


Maximum Power Point Tracker Controlling PV Converter. Research and Development Study


Piecewise Perturbation Method (PPM) Simulation of Electrostatically Actuated Beam with Uncertain Stiffness


Enhanced ferromagnetism and weak polarization of multiferroic BiFeO3 synthesized by sol-gel auto-combustion method