Index of Keywords


Monte Carlo Simulations of Nanotube Suspensions and Composites

Improve Contacts in Carbon Nanotube Networks by In situ Polymerization of Thin Skin of Self-Doped Conducting Polymer

Structure and Electrical Properties of Polypropylene-Graphite-Carbon black/ Nanotubes Hybrid Conducting Composites

percolation conduction

Atomistic Electrostatic Simulations Using Spice

percolation network

Complex conductivity measurement of CNT/Polymer films using a non-contact microwave technique

percolation theory

Percolation theory at work – boosting the heat transfer performance of graphitic nanofluids

percolation threshold

Conductive Carbon-Nanotube/Polymer Composites: Spectroscopic Monitoring of the Exfoliation Process in Water and the Crucial Role of Wetting

Controlled Dispersion of Carbon Nanotubes Wrapped in Amphiphilic Block Copolymers: Elaboration of Polymer Nanocomposite

Perdew-Burke-Ernzerhof (PBE) method

Electron Hopping Process in SWCNT-Mediated Redox Reaction: An Evidence Observed by DFT Theory

perfect matched layer

Comprehensive Study on Reflectance of Si3N4 Subwavelength Structures for Silicon Solar Cell Applications Using 3D Finite Element Analysis

perfluoro sulfonate ionomer membranes

Computational Modelling and Structural Studies of Perfluoro Sulfonate Ionomer Membranes


The Patterning of Sub-500 nm Inorganic Structures for Hybrid Photovoltaics


Hierarchical Finite Element Simulation of Perforated Plates with Arbitrary Hole Geometries


Macromodel Extraction of Gas Damping Effects for Perforated Surfaces with Arbitrarily-Shaped Geometries


A Method for Solving Arbitrary MEMS Perforation Problems with Edge and Rare Gas Effects


Analytic Damping Model for a Square Perforation Cell

perforation flow impedance

Macromodel Extraction of Gas Damping Effects for Perforated Surfaces with Arbitrarily-Shaped Geometries


Polyurethane Nanocomposites Containing NCO-Functionalized Carbon Nanotubes and NCO-Functionalized Nanoclays

Benchmarking Performance and Physical Limits of Processing Electronic Device and Systems: Solid-State and Molecular Paradigms

Compare and Contrast HiSIM-LDMOS and BSIM based compact model of High Voltage MOSFETs for Analog Applications