Index of Keywords


The use of PEO-PPO-PEO block copolymers in the synthesis of nano ZnO via the hydrothermal method


A Sensitive Peptide-Nanotube Based Pathogen Assay

Organisation of peptide ligands on the surface of gene vectors

Role of Serum Proteins in the Cellular Uptake of Gold-Peptide Nanoconjugates

Enhanced bioavailability of peptide YY using nanoporous silicon as a drug carrier

peptide array

A Homogenous Small Molecule Microarray for Enzymatic Assays

peptide delivery

Lipid nanoparticles for enhancing immune responses to protein antigens

peptide imprinting

NANOCYTES-Technology – Biomimetic nanoparticles for molecular recognition by molecular imprinting

peptide nanotubes

Fabrication and Characterization of PEDOT Nanowires Based on Self Assembled Peptide Nanotube Lithography

peptide nucleic acid

Development of Peptide Nucleic Acid Assemblies for Application in Drug Delivery and Molecular Sensing

peptide self-assembly

Fast gelation of self-assembling peptide nanofibres triggered by electromagnetic radiation heating


Biologically Functionalized Nanochannels on Ferroelectric Lead Zirconium Titanate Surfaces

Polymer Nanospheres for Improved Drug Delivery of Protein Therapeutics and Viral Antigens

Peptide Nanoparticle Catalysis

A Specific Surface-coating Peptide for Rare Earth Nanomaterials

Peptidic nanoparticles

Peptidic Nanoparticles for Cancer Therapy and Diagnosis


Bio-inspired Polymers for Nanoscience Research


Accuracy of Surface-Potential-Based Long-Wide-Channel MOS Transistor Compact Models


Monometallic nano-catalysts for the reduction of perchlorate in water


Searching for a New Type of Surface Percolation on a 3D lattice