Index of Keywords


siRNA and Paclitaxel Loaded PEG-PCL-PEI Tri-block Polymeric Micelle for Gene and Chemo-therapy Applications in Multidrug-resistance cancer cell


Biodegradable micro and nanoparticles for controlled drug release

pad oxide punchthrough

Simulation of Narrow-Width Effects in Sub-Half-Micron n-MOSFETs with LOCOS Isolation


Resist Mask Designs for Quantum Dot Transistor Using E-Beam Nanolithography


Analytic MOSFET Surface Potential Model with Inclusion of Poly-Gate Accumulation, Depletion, and Inversion Effects

painless blood extraction

Development of micro-lateral flow strips compatible with micro-volume samples for immunochemical assays


The SURVISMETER - a Green Technology in Service

paint and coatings

Synthesis of Nanoparticles by Crosslinking Copolymerization

pair correlation function

Equilibrium Structure of Electrolyte calculated using Equilibrium Monte Carlo, Molecular Dynamics, and Boltzmann Transport Monte Carlo Simulations

pair force evaluation

New Pair Force Evaluation Method for Parallel Molecular Dynamics in Arbitrary Geometries

pair-correlation function

Structural Study of Amorphous Carbon using Adaptive Interatomic Reactive Empirical Bond-order Potential Model

paired-linear traps

Interface Traps in Surface-Potential-Based MOSFET Models


Effect of Palladium Size on its Chemical Activity

Nanostructured Metals Synthesized in Swollen Liquid Crystals

Palladium/Polymer nanocomposite based Chemiresistive SO2 Sensor

Molecular approach for the synthesis of supported nanoparticles on active carbon using noble metal clusters

Low Turn-On Voltage and High Focus Capability Nanogaps for Field Emission Displays

Nanopalladium – Wool: A Novel Fibre for Multifunctional


Wet organometallic chemistry for palladium nanoparticles synthesis performed in an organic media and under supercritical conditions in microreactors


Characterization of palladium nanoparticles embedded in a wool substrate