Index of Keywords


Electrostatic Induced Inkjet Printing System for Micro Patterning and Drop-On-Demand Jetting Characteristics

Stretegies for fabrication of nanostructures using focused ion beam technology

Spray-coating deposition for large area organic thin-film devices

Optimized Surface Patterning Tools for Sub-attoliter Volume Fluid Deposition

Patterning Technology for Nanomanufacturing

Nanomaterials can influence living biological systems with nanometer sensitivity

A facile block copolymer inclusion technique for large scale monodisperse hexagonal arrays of superparamagnetic iron oxides nanodots

Micro Patterning of Organic Solvents on OLED Device Using EHD Inkjet Technology


Express Control of Toxicity and Content of Patulin by Optical Biosensors

PBPK model

Physiologically-based Pharmacokinetic (PBPK) Model of TiO2 Nanoparticles’ Bio-distribution in Rat Tissues


Simple, open air method to synthesize monodisperse and size selective PbSe quantum dots

PbSe Quantum dots

One-pot synthesis of monodisperse PbSe quantum dots and graphene oxide nanocomposites


Novel Manufacturing Technology of Polymeric Nanocomposites Using Supercritical Fluid Process

PC cluster

Parallelization of BEM Electrostatic Solver Using a PC Cluster


Microfluidic Neural Cell Chip for Monitoring of PCBs


Effects of ZnO buffer layer and depth profiling analysis of bulk heterojunction organic solar cells

Electrical characterization with high spatial resolution of P3HT:PCBM blends used in organic photovoltaics by means of conductive atomic force microscopy


Microfluidic Neural Cell Chip for Monitoring of PCBs


Nanometre particle sizing and stability measurement with tabletop PCCS

Ionic Liquids - Novel Tenside like Materials for size controlled Preparation of Nanoparticles and safe-to-handle Nanoparticle Dispersions