Index of Keywords


Parylene Nanospheres, Nanotubes & Nanocoatings for Medical and Electronics Applications

A High-Flux, Flexible Membrane with Parylene-encapsulated Carbon Nanotubes


Controlled Assembly of Highly Density SWNT Networks on a Flexible Parylene-C Substrate


GIDL Current and Pass-Gate Body Potential Modeling in 22nm HKMG PD-SOI CMOS


Microcap Selective Packaging through Flip Chip Alignment

400-900 nm Light Emitting Silicon Nanoparticles

Polymerization Passivation Strategies for the Stabilization of Energetic Aluminum Nanomaterials

Surface Passivation of GaAs Nanowires Ensembles for Photovoltaic Applications


Methodology and Design Kit Integration of a Broadband Compact Inductor Model

passive binding

A Computational Model for the Design of ElectroWetting On Dielectric (EWOD) Systems

passive device

Compact Modeling for RF and Microwave Integrated Circuits

Compact Modeling for RF and Microwave Integrated Circuits

passive film

Nano-scale TEM studies of the passive film and the chloride-induced depassivation of carbon steel in concrete

A proposal of AC corrosion mechanism in cathodic protection

passive films

An experimental and theoretical study of the inhibition mechanism of organic substances in concrete

passive mixer

System Simulations of Complex Electrokinetic Passive Micromixers

passive solar

Passive solar design features for a zero energy home in Babylon, Iraq


RLC Reduction Scheme for Modeling Interconnection Line Delay in nano-CMOS Circuits

patch clamp

Live Cell Membrane in Interaction with Antimicrobial Molecules


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