Index of Keywords

protein corona

Cell Culture Media elicit a different dynamic Formation of Protein-NP Complexes: Effects on the Cellular Response

Cancer cell targeting of lipid gene vectors by protein corona

Exploiting the “protein corona effect” for targeted drug and gene delivery

protein delivery

Construction of Enzymosomes: Optimization of Coupling Parameters

Amphiphilic Self-assembled Nanoparticles Composed of Chitosan and Ursolic Acid for Protein Delivery on the Skin

Protein delivery

New carrier for protein and drug delivery based on injectable Poly(ethylene glycol)-Poly(?- caprolactone)-Poly(?-amino ester) (PAE-PCL-PEG-PCL-PAE) pH/temperature hydrogel

protein delivery

Lipid nanoparticles for enhancing immune responses to protein antigens

protein design

Continuous Optimization Method for the Sequence Design of Protein Models Consisting of Multiple Monomer Types

protein detection

Multiplexed protein detection using antibody-conjugated microbead arrays assembled on a microfabricated electrophoretic device

protein engineering

Statistical Theory for Protein Combinatorial Libraries

A Computational Efficient Algorithm for Protein Sequence Classification

protein fold prediction

Global Description of Amino Acid & Nucleotide Sequences: Application to Predicting Protein Folds, Intron-Exon Discrimination, & RNA Gene Identification

protein folding

Stochastic Optimization Methods for Biomolecular Structure Prediction

Kinetic Monte Carol Simulations of Protein Folding and Unfolding

CONFLEX: Conformational Behaviors of Polypeptides as Predicted by a Conformational Space Search

Low Energy Conformations of a Three-Helix Peptide in a All-Atom Biomolecular Forcefield

protein G

Targeted Cancer Therapy by Immunoconjugated Gold-Gold Sulfide Nanoparticles Using Protein-G as a Cofactor

protein immobilisation

Novel Photonic Technique Creates Micrometer Resolution Multi-sensor Arrays and Provides a New Approach to Coupling of Genes, Nucleic Acids, Peptide Hormones and Drugs to Nanoparticle Carriers

protein incorporation

Formation of Giant Unilamellar Vesicles from Block Copolymers and Study of AqpZ and KvAP Protein Incorporation with Light Microscopy

protein labeling

Study of Sample Dispersion Mechanisms in an Electroosmotically Pumped Microchannel