Index of Keywords


The Rheology and Processing of Carbon Nanotubes for Polymer Composite Applications

Premises of Communication and Processing on Photons in Natural and Engineered Systems: Implication to Science and High-Technology Market

Information-Theoretic Estimates of Classical and Quantum Communication and Processing at Nanoscale

processing fabrics

Biomolecular, Organic and Inorganic Processing Fabrics: Design and Synthesis of Processing Cells and Primitives

processing platforms

Benchmarking Performance and Physical Limits of Processing Electronic Device and Systems: Solid-State and Molecular Paradigms

produced water

Hybrid Polymeric-Ceramic Nanostructured Materials

produced water treatment

AltelaRain Produced Water Treatment & Re-use

product design

A Compact Model Methodology for Device Design Uncertainty

product development

Addressing 3rd-Party Patent Protection in the Product Development Process

Addressing 3rd-Party Patent Protection in the Product Development Process

product lifecycle

Development and Application of an Exposure-based Framework for Assessing Nanomaterial Safety

product model

Design for Manufacturing integrated with EDA Tools


Synthesis of Nanopowders and Their Production at the Industrial Scale Using the Inductively-Coupled Plasma Technology

Production Technology for Nanofiber Filtration Media

Scalable Manufacturing of Nanopowders by Solution Combustion Processing

production lines

Production technologies for large area flexible electronics

production micro devices

Precision Micro-Optical Elements for Manufacturing of Gas Sensors using IR-Absorption

production wastewater

Evaluation of the Treatment for Petroleum Production Wastewater Industry Using Artificial Wetland Planted with Eichhornia Crassipes


Resonant-Type Micro-Probe for Vertical Profiler


Targeting Nanoparticle Probes to Differentiating Stem Cells