Index of Keywords

probabilistic analysis

Quality Based Design and Design for Reliability of Micro Electro Mechanical Systems (MEMS) Using Probabilistic Methods

probabilistic CMOS

Compact Model Application to Statistical/Probabilistic Technology Variations


Probabilistic Models for Damage and Self-repair in DNA Self-Assembly


Scanning Probe Charge Reading of Ferroelectric Polarization with Nanoscale Resolution

Platinum Silicide probes: A novel approach to manufacture highly conductive AFM probes with small radii and high wear resistance

probe lithography

Soft and Probe Lithography without Ink Transfer

probe storage

Nanochip - Ultra-High Data Density MEMS Memory Device


Nanofabrication of Bioselective Materials using Diverse Nanolandscapes Displayed on Live Viruses


Soybean meal nano scales resistant starch- model carbohydrates for encapsulation of bioactive compounds

Development of the Novel Functionality of Probiotics Fermented Noni Hydrolysates

problem solving environment

Simulation of Gas Flows in Micro Devices by Solving the Boltzmann Kinetic Equation

procee-aware extraction

Process Aware Compact Model Parameter Extraction for 45 nm Process


Rational RSM Models for Device Characteristics as Functions of Process Parameters

Introducing Monte Carlo Diffusion Simulation into TCAD tools

Introducing Monte Carlo Diffusion Simulation into TCAD tools

A Physical Compact MOSFET Mobility Model Including Accurate Calculation of Saturation Surface Potential.

A new system of composites: MWNT-mullite

Synthesis of Nanopowders and Their Production at the Industrial Scale Using the Inductively-Coupled Plasma Technology

A visual approach on MEMS process modeling using device cross-sections

process and integration

Fully Integrated Embroidery Process for Smart Textiles