Index of Keywords


Conducting Polymer Nanocomposites: The Role of the Electronic Fingerprint of Carbon Nanotubes


Packaging Design with Thermal Analysis of LED on Silicon Substrate

package models

A Method for Thermal Model Generation of MEMS Packages

package simulation

Thermal Behavior of a V-MCM Package Containing a Thermo-Pneumatic Micropump, Sensors and Integrated Electronics

package vibrations

Physically-Based High-Level System Model of a MEMS-Gyroscope for the Efficient Design of Control Algorithms


An Algorithm for the Inclusion of RC Compact Models of Packages into Board Level Thermal Simulation Tools


Analysis of Anodic Bonding and Packaging Effects in Micro Sensors

Full Wave Electromagnetic Analysis and Model Order Reduction for Complex Three Dimensional Structures

Bonding Pad with Reduced Capacity

High bending stiffness paperboard laminates with reduced weight

Micro to Nano – Scaling Packaging Technologies for Future Microsystems

Contact-free Handling of Metallic Submicron and Nanowires for Microelectronic Packaging Applications


Application of YAG Laser Micro-Welding in MEMS Packaging


Investigation of Lead-free Nanosolder Reflow and Wettability Property for Electronics/Nanoelectronics Assembly and Packaging

Nanoparticle Release from Polymer Nanocomposites Used for Potable Water Infrastructure and Food Packaging: Current Progress & Beyond

packaging material

Reduced bacterial attachment on surface modified hydrophobic fabric surface: a possible approach for safety enhanced packaging material

packaging reliability

A Multiscale Modeling Approach for Microelectronic Packaging Applications


Ultra Thin Packaging of the RF-MEMS Devices with Low loss


Colloidal Gold Nanoparticles: A Versatile Platform for Developing Tumor Targeted Cancer Therapies


Use of PBMC Partitioning to Predict RES-Uptake of a Nanoemulsion in a Colon Cancer Xenograft