Index of Keywords


An SOA Aware MOSFET Model for Highly Integrated, Analog Mixed-Signal Design Environments

power continuity

Bridging the Legacy and the Smart Grid: the Power Continuity Unit

power conversion

New Micro Hydro Power Device

Nano-Engineered Dielectrics for Energy Storage Solutions

power conversion efficiency

A Scalable POWER MOSFET Model with an Integrated Body-Diode Including Reverse Recovery

power density

Novel High Energy Density Supercapacitors

power device failure

Modeling of the Cosmic Radiation-Induced Failure Mechanism in High Power Devices

power devices

Validation and Calibration of Electrothermal Device Models Using Infrared Laser Probing Techniques

Development of a 3-D Finite-element Solver for Piezoelectric Transformer Analysis

Optimization of Piezoelectric Transformers Using Elite Genetic Algorithm

power distribution

CIGS PV Power Enhancement from Photonic Crystal Fiber Concentrators

power efficient

Multimodal Nano-Brain-Machine-Interface for Parallel Electrochemical NeuroSignal Sensing

power electronic

State of the Art and Trends in Power Integration

power electronic circuits

An Interactive Website as a Tool for CAD of Power Circuits

power electronics

Thermo-Mechanical Simulation of Wire Bonding Joints in Power Modules

power generation

Modeling, Simulation and Design of Piezoelectric Micro-Hydraulic Transducer Devices

Cooling and Power Conversion using Nanometer Gaps

power integrated devices

State of the Art and Trends in Power Integration

Behavioral Models and Specific Design Tool for New Power Integrated Devices

power management unit

Solar Energy System Prototype with a Maximum Power Point Tracking (MPPT)