Index of Keywords


‘Lab on a chip’ Label Free Protein Sensor Systems Based on Polystyrene Bead and Nanofibrous Solid Supports

polystyrene microcapsules

Polymeric Hybrid Microstructures for Smart Targeting and Drug Delivery

polystyrene microfluidic chip

On-site Screening of Avian Influenza Virus (AIV) by Polystyrene Microfluidic Chip Immunoassay

polystyrene recycled

Development Antifog Nanohybrid Consisting of Polyestyrene Recycled Matrix by Sol-Gel Process

polystyrene spheres

Polymerized Crystalline Colloidal Arrays Photonic Cosmetic Contact Lenses


Molecular Dynamics Simulations of Polytetrafluoroethylene at Glassy Transition Temperature

polyurea aerogels

Computational Hierarchy Modeling of Self-assembled Polyurea Aerogels


Polyurethane Nanocomposites Containing NCO-Functionalized Carbon Nanotubes and NCO-Functionalized Nanoclays

Structure Development in Flexible Polyurethane Foam Nanocomposites

Microparticles on the Basis of Segmented Polyurethanes for the Treatment of Tuberculosis

Impact of Temperature and Humidity on Superhydrophobicity of Polyurethane/Organoclay Nanocomposites

New Generation Hybrid Plastics Functionalised by Nanogold and Nanosilver

New Generation Nanogold and Nanosilver Polymer Composites and Their Applications

Strain Tunable Resin and Coating Technology for Next Generation Composites

polyurethane foam

Incorporation of Nanoparticles into Soy-based Polyurethane Foam

polyurethane polymers

Enhancement of Osteobalstic Bone Cell Proliferation Incubated on Plasma Treated Polymers


Biomimetic Polyurethanes for Regenerative Medicine

Biodegradable micro and nanoparticles for controlled drug release

polyvinyl alcohol

Layered nanocomposites of plate-like particles and polymers

Synthesis of Magnetically Sensitive Nanomaterials with Tunable Properties