Index of Keywords


New Characterisation Techniques for the Study of Nanoscale Polymeric Systems in Two- & Three-Dimensions

Favored Osteoblast Interactions with Aerosol Printed 3D Nano-to-Macro Hierarchical Architectures: The Promise of Nanocomposites as Orthopedic Prostheses

A compact, low-power cantilever-based sensor array for chemical detection

MEMS Humidity Structure with Cantilever – Simulation of Behaviour

Understanding and utilizing molecular constraints in nanoscale material designs

Advanced CryoTEM and Tomography for Two- and Three-Dimensional Nano-Characterisation of Soft Matter

MWCNTS Production by Means of Pyrolysis of Polyethylene-Terephtalate in a Bubbling Fluidized Bed

Adapting carbon nanotubes for fine composite structures

Production of Polymer Nanosuspensions Using MicrofluidizerTM Processor Based Processes

Stimuli-Responsive Polymers in bioMEMS Devices

Nano Silver – Why It is so Hot Now?

Control of solid surface properties by electron beam processing

RAFT: A smarter way to develop multi-functional polymers

Poly(butyl terephthalate)/oxytetramethylene + oxidized carbon nanotubes hybrids: mechanical and tribological behavior

RAFT Polymerisation for delivery of bioactives

Advanced Biofuel Cell Composed of Highly Modified Electrodes for Biomedical Applications

A Novel Technique for Removing Finely Dispersed Particles from Tailings

Superhydrophobic and Superhydrophilic Surfaces

Dynamic Nanoindentation Analysis using Generalized Maxwell Model for Viscoelastic Materials Characterization

Polymer Based Continuous Offset Printing