Index of Keywords

polymer solutions

Macromolecules in Microdevices: Multiscale simulation of DNA dynamics in model microfluidic geometries

Macromolecules in Microdevices: Multiscale simulation of DNA dynamics in model microfluidic geometries

polymer stamp

Nanofluidic Channel Based Single Molecular Sensors in Polymer Substrate Fabricated by Novel Nanoimprinting Processes

polymer vesicle

Formation of Giant Unilamellar Vesicles from Block Copolymers and Study of AqpZ and KvAP Protein Incorporation with Light Microscopy


Characterization and Optimization Design of the Polymer-based Capacitive Micro-arrayed Ultrasonic Transducer

polymer-coated magnetic nanoparticles

Synthesis of Polymer-Coated Magnetic Nanoparticles

polymer-derived ceramics

Fabrication of polymer-derived ceramic nanostructures by imprint lithography

polymer-durg conjugate

Synthesis and Photodynamic Efficacy of PAMAM-Photosensitiser Conjugates in Vitro

polymer/inorganic nanocomposites

Preparation of a new generation porous thermal insulation mass using functional nanomaterials


Fluorescent Structural DNA Nanoparticles Functionalized With Phosphate-Linked Nucleotide Triphosphates

Polymerase Chain Reaction

Multi-physics Simulational Analysis of a Novel PCR Micro-Device

polymerase chain reaction (PCR)

Simulation of a Microfluidic Particle Concentrator and Separator

Computational experiments on three-dimensional molecular diffusion in porous media


Polymeric Nanowire Architectures and Nanodevices

Hybrid Polymeric-Ceramic Nanostructured Materials

polymeric coating

Reduction of the Hydrophobicity of Thiol-ene Microfluidic Devices Using an Adsorbed Polymeric Coating

polymeric composites

Electrical conductivity of carbon nanopowder fillers and their respective polymer composites prepared via latex technology

polymeric gel

Effect of Various Fuel Conditions on the Synthesis of Nano Crystalline LiNiVO4 Powders for Lithium Battery Applications

polymeric micelle

siRNA and Paclitaxel Loaded PEG-PCL-PEI Tri-block Polymeric Micelle for Gene and Chemo-therapy Applications in Multidrug-resistance cancer cell

polymeric micelles

Synthesis of amphiphilic block copolymers to deliver HSP90 inhibitors for colorectal tumors