Index of Keywords


Polypyrrole nanoionic composites for solid state electronics

Fabrication of Nanoparticle Embedded Polymer Nanorod by Template Based Electrodeposition

Viscosity measurements of PEO solutions by AFM with long nanowires

Environmental Digital Pulsed Force Mode AFM in Biomedical Coatings Research

Real-Time Characterization of Polymer Film Degradation with Quartz Crystal Microbalance with Dissipation Monitoring

The SURVISMETER - a Green Technology in Service

Nanoparticle synthesis using polyelectrolyte nanoreactors

Multifunctional Electrodes Based on MWNTs Sheets and Yarns

Functional Polymer Micro- and Nanostructures by Nanoimprint

Nanoscale Chemical Spectroscopy with the Atomic Force Microscope

Nanoscale Silver Coatings on Synthetic Fibers

Alignment of Si3N4 nanorods in Polypropylene single fibers

Directing cell migration by electrospun fibers

Effect of Size on Properties of Nano-Structured Polymers –Transition from Macroscaling to Nanoscaling

Functional polymer hydrogels for water purification applications

Transparent polymer photodetector to control electronic devices

Passive Microrheology : Non Intrusive Measurement of the Emulsions Stability

Adhesion strength and superhydrophobicity in polyurethane/organoclay nanocomposites

Role of Hard Segment Induced Nanosized Domain on Dilute Solution Properties of Ether Based Thermoplastic Polyurethanes

Advanced p- and n-Dopable Polymer Supercapacitors