Index of Keywords

poisson solver

Efficient Poisson Equation Solvers for Large Scale 3D Simulations

Poisson solver

3D Biconjugate Gradient-Multi Grid Coupling Schemes for Field Equations in Semiconductor Device Simulation

Poisson's equation

Self-Consistent Calculations of Spatial Electron Densities in Quantum Dots Using a Coupled Recursive Green's Function and Poisson Solver

A Novel Approach to Simulate the Potential at the Center Axis of Poisson's Equation in Cylindrical Coordinates for Plasma Immersion Ion Implantation Processes

Poisson's ratio

Mechanical Property Measurement of Thin-film Gold Using Thermally Actuated Bimetallic Cantilever Beams


Using Pseudo Transient Continuation and the Finite Element Method to Solve the Nonlinear Poisson-Boltzmann Equation

Electrokinetic Flows in Highly Charged Micro/Nanochannel with Newtonian Boundary Slip Condition


Three-Dimensional Continuum Simulation of Biological Ion Channels

Structure-function study of Porins

Ion Channel Simulations by the TR-PNP Model and the Excess Chemical Potential Approach

Poisson-Schroedinger model

Modeling study of capacitance and gate current in strained High--K Metal gate technology: impact of Si/SiO2/HK interfacial layer and band structure model

Poisson–Boltzmann equation

A Physics Based Potential Model for Cylindrical Surrounding Gate MOSFETs with SiO2- Core Si-Shell Structure


Spatial profiles of electrical conductivity, fluid admittance and water flow in a charged nanopore

Poisson–Schroedinger model

Advanced physics for simulation of ultrascaled devices with UTOXPP Solver


Polarity sensitive colloidal gold nanoparticles


Development of Thermodynamic Methods for the study of Nanopores

BioMEMS for Mitochondriaa Medicine

Polarisation stabilisation of telecom lasers by minimally-invasive direct-write focused electron beam induced deposition

Computer Simulation of Phase Transitions and Orientational Order in Low-and High-molecular Ferroelectric Nano-Systems

polarization anisotropy

Computing Excitons in V-shaped Quantum Wires Including Band-Structure and Dielectric Effects : Binding energies and polarization anisotropy of the bright A1, B1, A2 excitons