Index of Keywords

plasmon-assisted bubble nucleation

Modeling Nanoscale Plasmon-assisted Bubble Nucleation and Applications

plasmon-enhanced fluorescence

Plasmon-enhanced Fluorescence Detection of Blood Metabolites in Biosensors

plasmon-enhanced linear birefringence

Plasmon-enhanced Optical Rotation in Nanostructured Metasurfaces


Au nanoparticles functionnalized by J-aggregates for highly efficient strong coupling applications

Gold Nanoparticles Encapsulated within Graphene Shells

plasmonic enhanced bubble nucleation

Magneto-plasmonic Nanoplatforms for Enhanced Bioimaging and Photothermal Cancer Therapy

plasmonic nanobubble

Plasmonic Nanobubbles for Intracellular Targeting and Gene Therapy

Plasmonic Nanobubbles as Tunable Theranostic Agents

plasmonic nanodome array

Plasmonic nanodome array fabricated on plastic as a dual-mode surface plasmon resonance and surface-enhanced Raman scattering sensor

plasmonic nanoparticles

Thermo-plasmonics in self-organized materials

Plasmonic surfaces

Fabrication of biosensor arrays by DPN and multiple target detection by triple wavelength fast SERRS mapping

plasmonic-enhanced photothermal energy transfer

Analysis of Pulsed-laser Plasmon-enhanced Photothermal Energy Transfer with Applications

Numerical Analysis of Laser Induced Photothermal Effects using Colloidal Plasmonic Nanostructures

plasmonically induced transparency

Polarization insensitive and wide-angle plasmonically induced transparency by planar metamaterial


Plasmonic Enhancement in InGaN/GaN MQW System with Au Nanoparticles

Modeling Nanoscale Plasmon-assisted Bubble Nucleation and Applications

Plasmonic nanophotonics and its applications

Plasmonic Enhanced Chiral Metamaterials

Noble metal nanoparticles for plasmonic photothermal therapy of atherosclerosis

Silver Nanowires for Plasmon Induced Enhancement of Optical Absorption in Thin-Film Silicon Solar Cells