Index of Keywords

plasma enhanced deposition

PECVD synthesis of Si nano-wires

plasma etching

Effect of Substratum Morphology on Cell Behavior

plasma immersion

Ultra-short pulsed laser for nano-texturation associated to plasma immersion implantation for 3D shallow doping : Application to silicon photovoltaic

plasma induced surface charging

Directed Growth of Carbon Nanotubes Utilizing Plasma Induced Surface Charging Voltage

plasma modification

Plasma-Treated and Collagen-Coated PLLA Nanofiber Membrane for Cartilage Tissue Engineering

plasma nitridation

A Study on the Electrical Properties of Plasma Nitrided Oxide Gate Dielectric in Flash Memory

plasma physics

A Fluid Dynamics Model for a Plasma Ion Acceleration System

plasma polymerization

Micro Actuator Array based on Ionic Polymer with Patterned Self-Assembled Au Electrode

Surface modification of Cp-Titanium by Plasma polymerization of acrylic acid

plasma pressure compaction

Densification and Grain Growth During the Sintering of Nanoscale SiC

plasma processing

Plasma Torch Process for Hydrogen Production at Small Distributed Stations

plasma purification

Transitions Between Epithelial and Mesenchymal States in Microfluidic Platform: Acquisition of Malignant and Stem Cell Traits

plasma reactor

Synthesis of nano carbons using plasma reactor

plasma spray

Plasma Manufacturing of Near-Net-Shape Large Scale Nanocomposite Structures – A Potential Bulk Nanofabrication Tool

plasma synthesis

Surface modification of powders and nanostructure deposition in the afterglow of a low power barrier discharge at atmospheric pressure

Synthesis of Molybdenum Nanoparticles by RF Plasma

plasma torch

Single-step synthesis of visible-light TiO(2-X)N(X) photocatalyst nanopowder by thermal plasma

plasma treatment

Sample Concentration by Asymmetry EOF flow in Micro/Nano Channels with O2/H2O Plasma Treated Channel Surfaces

Surface tailoring of carbon fabric reinforced PES composites with micro and nano PTFE fillers


A current controlled plasma-on-a-chip for atmospheric plasma generation