Index of Keywords

piezoelectric transformer

Development of a 3-D Finite-element Solver for Piezoelectric Transformer Analysis

Optimization of Piezoelectric Transformers Using Elite Genetic Algorithm

Optimization of Disk-type Piezoelectric Transformers

piezoelectric ZnO thin films

Characterization of an electrical powering nano-generator based on aluminum doped ZnO thin films


The effect of damping for the rate of flow in the micropump


Scanning Probe Charge Reading of Ferroelectric Polarization with Nanoscale Resolution

Atomistic Simulations of Electronic Structure in Realistically-Sized Wurtzite InN/GaN Quantum Dots

Engineered Piezoelectricity in Graphene


Modeling of Piezoelectric MEMS Using the Finite Cloud Method

piezoeslectric MEMS

Investigation of Stress in AlN Thin Films for Piezoelectric MEMS


Study on Application of Piezoelectric Vibration Energy Harvesters for Powering of Wireless Sensor Nodes in Large Rotary Machine Diagnostic Systems


Simulation of Silicon Piezoresistive Sensors

Simulation for Low Temperature Coefficient Design of Piezoresistive and Hall Sensors

MEMS Simulation in Heavily Doped Silicon Devices

MOCVD Preparation and photoluminiscence of ZnS nanowires


Micromachined Piezoresistive Tactile Sensor Array Fabricated by Bulk-etched MUMPs Process


Nano-Cantilevers for an Ultra-Sensitive Bio-Assay

Soft Structured Piezoresistive Sensors by Inkjet Printing

Modeling and Simulation of New Structures for Sub-millimeter Solid-state Accelerometers with Piezoresistive Sensing Elements

Monolithic CMOS MEMS technology development: A piezoresistive-sensors case study